“Music Streets”

Don’t miss the concert!

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Music Streets and the Carillon Vivente

…from Barbara Oggero:

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…to listen

Video made by Christine at the “Bretelle” in Ginevra
Concerto Bretelle

Brasilian song of the ’20s written by Lamaritne Babo
Babo Zeira

Itaian song composed in the early 40s byFrancesco Kramer Gorni (sung by Natalino Otto)
Un sassolino nella scarpa

Ancient lullaby from Veneto
Ninna nanna di Maria

Popular russian song (Lyrics were written by the Ukrainian poet and writer Èvgen Pavlovič Hrebinka)
Occi Ciornie

Composed in 1951 by Armando Trovajoli and sung by Flo Sandon’s in the movie “Anna”, directed by Alberto Lattuada.
El negro zumbon

Composed in 1955 by Renato Carosone and Enzo Bonagura for Renato’s wife Marisa.

Lyrics by Teofilo Chantre and music from Goran Bregovic, sung by Cesaria Evora.

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