“Carillon” is a musical performance resembling a real giant music box; the old jeweller’s case with golden corners, mirror, pearls collar, charging-key and finally the real “ballerina” in the centre turning on herself by pedalling, singing and playing accordion creates an enchanted atmosphere suggesting old memories and fantastic pictures.

The musical repertoire includes international songs (Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian…) of the twenties and thirties. The performance duration is flexible, it depend on the context. It can last a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 1 hours. Generally the best solution is 3 performances of 20 minutes each. 

Technical details

“Carillon” is a “petite” show for quiet and collected places (20-30 people), it does not need a special illumination, public street lights are sufficient, and it is normally performed without amplification. In case it will be requested to performance in loud and noisy, such crowded streets, wide open squares, amplification will have to be arranged and requested in advance.

The setting of “Carillon” needs to be assembled on flat ground; it cannot be done on sloping ground. Itshould ideally stay in the same place for all performances, but if strictly required it can be moved taking into consideration that: for the setup of the structure I need about an hour (depending on the site’s conditions), and to clear the area it takes 40-45 minutes. One person is need for transportation.

Carillon size: 0,80 cm x 120 cm. Carillon weight: about 120 kg (with performer).